On Intersectionality, Social Justice & Secularism: An Interview with Sikivu Hutchinson

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Sikivu was interviewed by Sincere Kirabo for Notes From an Apostate. Check it out here:

While it can be nifty to specialize in a narrow niche, I always tip my hat off to those who are capable of addressing a broad stream of concerns with poise and academic prowess. I’m not sure how many can devote themselves to adequately mentoring and educating on a multiplicity of significant matters – but I am acquainted with one woman who can and does.

Sikivu Hutchinson, 2013 Secular Woman of the Year, confronts issues related to Black culture, feminism, gender and atheism with a passion for acutely advocating for those who are, by virtue of the predominant forces at play, largely disenfranchised and rebuffed.

I’m honored to call her a friend. Her battle against the opposing tide of debilitating social constructs of privilege and the many consequent expressions of disparity is, too, my fight. Her dedication to disabusing denigrating misinformation attributed to people of color is, too, my struggle.

I was able to interview Hutchinson last year but have since updated it with additional info more germane to present day events.

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