“Grinning Skull” at Workers Unite Film Festival 2021

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GRINNING SKULL w 3Written and directed by Sikivu Hutchinson, and featuring Camille Lourde Wyatt, Cydney Wayne Davis and JC Cadena, the 2018 film Grinning Skull (set in Los Angeles in 1946) features Black and Latinx women washroom attendants wrestling with the decision to unionize, bucking racism, sexism, and class discrimination at the Pacific Electric Railway subway terminal. Testing the limits of solidarity, they come face to face with years of collective rage, resentment and suspicion, forging a final alliance in the claustrophobic netherworld of serving ‘Miss Ann’. In the early twentieth century, L.A. had the largest electric railway system in the world. The film is an Official Selection at the 2021 Workers Unite Film Festival and will air online from May 7th to May 12th. It will also be screened in person at the Workers Unite NYC Film Festival in October.

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