Godless Americana: Race and Religious Rebels Book Review by Randall Fleming

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godless2210201344931“In Godless Americana, Sikivu Hutchinson is daring, resourceful and able.


She is the current vanguard regarding the freethought movement, and she recognizes those women who in the past have been the vanguard as well.


She makes distinctions that have long been ignored by the “mainstream” agnostics, atheists and secular groups. She backs all of it up with thorough research and well-warranted vitriol that sums up the centuries wherein America’s peculiar past has contributed to an exclusion of black women by the suffragette and other freedom-seeking movements.


What puts Hutchinson in the vanguard is her ability to recognize the dynamics of why and how the exclusion has and continues to occur: non-white peoples— and in particular, black people—have sought religiosity and churches as sanctuary where no real sanctuary exists in America. (The 1963 church bombing in Huntsville, AL proved this.) As such, churches have become the de facto centers of culture in the community.”


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