Casting Call for “White Nights, Black Paradise” Play

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White Nights, Black Paradise: Casting Call
October 20-22, 2023 production
(paid rehearsals begin in late summer)
 Blue Door Theater in Culver City
Written and directed by Sikivu Hutchinson

Casting multigenerational Black and White actresses, pay and role info @ Backstage
Audience Feedback and Reviews for White Nights, Black Paradise 

“An excellent look into the social and political conditions that helped to create the Jonestown massacre. While I thought I knew the history of Jonestown I found that I had many misconceptions. The writer manages to portray the complex inner workings of African American women in this country against the backdrop of a historic tragedy. The actors made their characters come alive and made me care about them. Rarely have I seen this quality of writing or acting in a small production. I am looking forward to seeing this play again with friends and family.”
Dr. Patricia Kimathi

“There are not many books that look at Peoples Temple through the lens of Black women. Not only does Hutchinson’s work spend the majority of time in the heads of Black women characters, she also makes these characters complex.” —Wanda Sabir, SF Bayview

“Hutchinson’s narrative lays bare the specter of racism and sexism that intersect in these women’s lives, and that inform the ethos of the West Coast, illustrating a fuller picture of what might’ve drawn Black women to Peoples Temple. She also feeds the viewer’s hunger for an answer to the question: what led Black people to the follow a charismatic but still white spiritual leadership?”
Darlene Anita Scott, Alternative Considerations of Jonestown 

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