“Antebellum Surfboard” at ArtsUpLA

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In November, Sikivu performed a draft of her forthcoming original folk rock song, “Antebellum Surfboard” at the Blue Door Theater’s ArtsUpLA showcase. The song imagines a rogue Black girl surfer being conjured by the ancestors to participate in a plantation insurrection:

“With her rip curl crouch on her Tubman wave

Swallowing the future in a tale of antebellum headgames

Whack that mole in its baby teeth

Torch Sally’s Monticello crawl space  

Grind 40 acres and a dead mule

From the piss of Jefferson’s cold grave

What would a blazing day in 1845 have to say

We conjured you from deathly miles

We conjured you from phantom dreams

Lift your surfboard from the ages

Run guns and butter to plantation sages”

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