Sikivu’s 2022 Artistic Year in Review

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2022 Artistic Year in Review

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Rock’ ‘n’ Roll Heretic cast from left to right: Dina Cataldi, JC Cadena, Phil Sokoloff, Philip McNair, Darrell Phillip, Brenda Lee Eager, Patti Henley, Ashlee Olivia, and Alma Schofield

Rock ‘n’ Roll Heretic Summer 2022 @ Hollywood Fringe Festival

Thanks to our audiences, cast, and crew for making our debut run a success!

“Rock ‘n’ Roll Heretic featured a strong cast, well-written script, interesting story, entertaining dialogue, and powerful singing. I appreciated the way the show tackled difficult social issues such as sexual abuse in the church, cultural appropriation of black music by white artists, and the struggles that women and queer musicians face in the music industry.”

Catherine Barnes, Hollywood Fringe review

“Operatic dialogue and a worthy ensemble. Top of the list was “Mama” who was ALL BOLD CAPTIVATING. Bare footed, dancing all the way – even in the shadows. I suspect that I have seen this woman before, as it was evident that she is a veteran of this biz. But for all intents and purposes, I am glad I have lived to witness her exceptional talent…These artists know this material because it is their lives. There was an aspect of triumph in an otherwise modest production.”

Esquizito Perez, Hollywood Fringe review

Original cast song, “Black Moon/Boise’s Having a Moment” now on Spotify!

Sleep Dystopias

“the crawlspace between waking and sleeping”

Speculative fiction podcast in its third year!

Available on SpotifyApple and Podbean

2022 Editorials from An Injustice Magazine

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From An Injustice Magazine

The truth is, moralizing about Black conformity hinders direct engagement with the mental health risks and challenges we face — especially when it comes to addressing the dramatic increase in suicide among Black girls. Aspiring psychologist and 19-year-old college student Ashantee Polk notes that, “Suicide is simply not talked about in our communities. So many Black women and girls of all ages are dealing with mental health issues. They’re overlooked because we are supposed to be ‘strong’ and we’re supposed to be able to endure what we go through.”

Distant Engines band @ #Standing4BlackGirls rally 2022

During this October’s #Standing4BlackGirls community action against rape culture and sexual violence, I had the opportunity to play my original abortion rights song, “No Theocracy”, which takes aim at Christian fascism and the gun lobby, with talented guitarist/multi-instrumentalist and Distant Engines bandmate, Zorrie Petrus.

White Nights, Black Paradise play receives grant from Culver City Cultural Affairs Commission, December 2022

White Nights, Black Paradise testimony at Culver City Cultural Affairs Commission

This month, White Nights, Black Paradise was among the recipients of Culver City’s 2023 Performing Arts grants! In November, I spoke about the cultural and historical significance of the play, amplifying the lives of Black women in Peoples Temple and Jonestown at the Culver City Cultural Affairs Commission.

The Roar of Distant Engines

Short Story Collection, Forthcoming Spring 2023

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Two lane blacktop tales of loners, surfers, grifters, couriers, metamorphs, insomniacs, and apparitions.


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