Moral Combat

Moral Combat: Kindle Edition Free on Amazon Until Wednesday

The Kindle edition of Moral Combat, the critically acclaimed, 5/5 star book is currently free on Amazon. Grab your copy here! The Reviews are in: “In this text, Hutchinson has structured a very important analysis of the many factors that have given shape to black atheist identity and politics.” “A truly brave […]

Do All Black Lives Matter? Feminism, Humanism, and State Violence

 Originally posted on The Humanist Last Saturday I took my six year-old daughter to a demonstration and die-in in Hollywood. Across the globe, protestors from every walk of life have converged to express their outrage over the double whammy non-indictments of the white officers who killed Michael Brown in Ferguson […]

Instead of hating on social justice, atheists should tackle STEM segregation

 Originally posted on Chris Stedman’s Religion News Service blog: Fatheist One of the most evocative images from the protests in Ferguson, Missouri this summer was that of demonstrator Angela Jaboor wielding an “I Am a Woman” sign. Jaboor’s sign was modeled after the historic “I Am a Man” signs displayed by male civil […]