Moral Combat

Moral Combat: Kindle Edition Free on Amazon Until Wednesday

The Kindle edition of Moral Combat, the critically acclaimed, 5/5 star book is currently free on Amazon. Grab your copy here! The Reviews are in: “In this text, Hutchinson has structured a very important analysis of the many factors that have given shape to black atheist identity and politics.” “A truly brave and groundbreaking book.””Informative. Inspirational. Politically relevant. […]

Women of Color Beyond Faith Forum & the Day of Solidarity for Black Non-Believers

Women of color remain the most consistently religious group in the nation. At the same time, the majority of women of color live in highly segregated communities that cut across class lines. For many African American and Latino women of all backgrounds, faith and religion are intimately woven into their daily lived experiences, community contexts, […]

Women of Color Beyond Faith wide

Do All Black Lives Matter? Feminism, Humanism, and State Violence

 Originally posted on The Humanist Last Saturday I took my six year-old daughter to a demonstration and die-in in Hollywood. Across the globe, protestors from every walk of life have converged to express their outrage over the double whammy non-indictments of the white officers who killed Michael Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner in New […]

Instead of hating on social justice, atheists should tackle STEM segregation

 Originally posted on Chris Stedman’s Religion News Service blog: Fatheist One of the most evocative images from the protests in Ferguson, Missouri this summer was that of demonstrator Angela Jaboor wielding an “I Am a Woman” sign. Jaboor’s sign was modeled after the historic “I Am a Man” signs displayed by male civil rights activists in the 1960s. […]