Are We Black, Proud and Socialist?

Annie Dawid recently wrote about White Nights, Black Paradise. Check it out here: In answer to Jim Jones’ resonating question, Sikivu Hutchinson has written a novel that defiantly shouts Yes! White Nights, Black Paradise frames Peoples Temple and Jonestown within an African-American perspective, something which no published novel has yet managed. Of the handful of […]

Sikivu Reading for the Feminist Conversations Series

The upcoming USC-Dornsife’s Feminist Conversations Series will be featuring Sikivu. Check it out here: Reading excerpts from her new novel White Nights, Black Paradise, visiting scholar Sikivu Hutchinson will discuss black women’s involvement in the Peoples Temple movement, the cultural and political context of the Jonestown era and the problem of organized religion. Click here for […]


Sikivu was interviewed by Anita Little for Religion Dispatches. Check it out here: I recently met with author Sikivu Hutchinson on the campus of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, where she’s currently a visiting scholar at the USC Center for Feminist Research. We talked about the founding of the People’s Temple, why so many […]

Feminism, Race, and Religion: An Interview with Sikivu Hutchinson by Kile Jones

Sikivu was interviewed by Kile Jones for Feminism and Religion. Check it out here: While black Churches are burning, and black children are being gunned down by police, I felt it important to speak with someone who is involved in raising awareness on the role of racism and cultural imperialism in American society. I am […]

Mile High Humanism

Sikivu at the American Humanist Association’s Annual Conference

Dr. Hutchinson will be appearing at the American Humanism Association’s 74th Annual Conference’s Afternoon Plenary: Panel: Humanism & Race. Race continues to matter in the United States. The examples of this reality are pressing and graphic. While humanists lament the poor approach of the religious regarding discourse on race and accompanying racism, less prevalent has been sustained and productive […]

First in the Family Humanist Scholarship Applications are Now Available for 2015 Awards

Originally posted at Black Skeptics Los Angeles  Black Skeptics Los Angeles‘ First in the Family Humanist Scholarship Application is Now Available for 2015 Awards TWO DIFFERENT TYPES OF AWARDS ARE OFFERED: 1)  Four $1000 scholarships will be awarded to LAUSD graduating seniors who will be the first in their immediate families to go to college. Click […]

First In the Family Humanist Scholarships!