Instead of hating on social justice, atheists should tackle STEM segregation

 Originally posted on Chris Stedman’s Religion News Service blog: Fatheist One of the most evocative images from the protests in Ferguson, Missouri this summer was that of demonstrator Angela Jaboor wielding an “I Am a Woman” sign. Jaboor’s sign was modeled after the historic “I Am a Man” signs displayed by male civil rights activists in the 1960s. […]

Psychology Today Interview

A generation ago a typical humanist group might have been little more than a few older, white men meeting in the basement of a Unitarian church, arguing points of philosophy that have little relevance in the real world. That has changed, as atheist and humanist groups have sprung up in a much wider range of […]


Why Did So Many Black Women Die? Jonestown At 35 1

35 years ago, on November 19, 1978, 73-year-old Hyacinth Thrash awoke to a nightmare in the jungles of Guyana. In one of the largest murder-suicides in world history, 918 people from her Peoples Temple church lay dead before her eyes, poisoned by a lethal cocktail of cyanide and fruit punch. The images from this gothic […]

Godless Americana: Race and Religious Rebels Book Review by Randall Fleming

“In Godless Americana, Sikivu Hutchinson is daring, resourceful and able.   She is the current vanguard regarding the freethought movement, and she recognizes those women who in the past have been the vanguard as well.   She makes distinctions that have long been ignored by the “mainstream” agnostics, atheists and secular groups. She backs all […]



Sikivu Hutchinson is Secular Woman’s Woman of the Year!

From Secular Woman: Woman of the Year Sikivu Hutchinson Sikivu Hutchinson was chosen as Woman of the year due to her being a radical humanist activist, educator, and writer who advocates for social justice within academic and atheist movement circles, while putting her theories into practice in her own community of Los Angeles. She is a […]

“Unrelenting, Informative Critique” a Review of Godless Americana by Jorge Gomez

“Godless Americana” is an eye-opening passionate critique of the current socioeconomic struggle faced by people of color. It also exposes the role white Christian nationalism has in vilifying urban communities. It’s a quest for how Humanism can be relevant to such communities. You may not agree with everything Dr. Hutchinson has to offer but we […]



Interview by Secular Woman: Sikivu Hutchinson on Radical Humanism, Race and Gender

Black NonBelievers (Mandisa Thomas, President) and Judith Moore recently sponsored an event in Atlanta where Sikivu Hutchinson spoke on atheism, race, gender, and a plethora of additional cultural and historical influences that shape our society.  The talk was a well integrated and an astoundingly complex weaving of the everyday, the academic, and the lived experiences of […]